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Work With Me

Individual Nutrition Virtual Clients

I am accepting select clients who want their nutrition questions answered and are ready to change their lives by working together collaboratively. With years of clinical and nutrition counseling experience combined with an advanced degree in nutrition from a renowned university focused on natural health, I know how to help you. Champagne Nutrition is a high-touch, concierge practice and I work on a virtual platform for your ease and accessibility.

I meet with individuals virtually to discuss unique nutrition needs and offer a variety of packages ranging from a one-time session to customizable packages and plans. My consultations include a holistic approach regarding the foods you need to eat, the dietary supplements you need to take (if any), what your most recent labs mean, what diet may be best for you, how to lower your cholesterol or blood pressure, how to fit physical activity into your life, food preparation and cooking and how to order correctly on menus when eating out or traveling. Let’s organize your kitchen! Let’s make a meal plan for the week! Let’s schedule in your workouts! Let’s help you feel better –

My Specialties Include:

  • Integrative nutrition support
    • functional foods
    • eating for hormone balance/polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)
    • nutrition for improved sleep
    • lowering inflammation
    • gut healing
    • more energy
  • Weight management through lifestyle changes (a non-diet approach)
  • Guidance on dietary supplements
  • Healthy eating on the go/making
  • Chronic disease lifestyle management
    • heart health (lowering cholesterol or blood pressure)
    • diabetes or pre-diabetes treatment and prevention
  • Medical lab interpretation
  • Integrative oncology support (under the guidance of your medical provider)
    • diet to prevent cancer, support active treatment, prevent recurrence
    • nutrition support for side effects during treatment
    • dietary supplement guidance
  • Customized dietary plans: vegetarian/vegan/ketogenic/Paleo/Whole 30/Mediterranean/and more
  • Customized workout plans

If you want a true partner in your health and wellness, contact me to determine the best way for us to work together!

Media Interviews and Television Appearances

I am currently a spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and am available for media requests. Please contact me regarding your press needs including radio and television appearances. [/accordion-item]

Speaker Requests

Let’s create engaging, creative, and evidence-based in-person or web-based presentations for your audience. Pease contact me to discuss your specific needs and how I can inspire your group to live a healthier lifestyle. My most popular topics include social media for health care providers, trends in plant-based nutrition, cancer prevention guidelines, controversies in cancer, and the science behind hot food trends such as sea vegetables, hemp in the diet, and coconut products. I am able to travel to your event.

Recent engagements include

  • Washington State Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Legislative Day – Sound Bytes: Communicating Clearly and Memorably 2/2019
  • FNCE Learning Lounge – Creating Sound Bites for Your Clients 10/2018
  • Today’s Dietitian Symposium – A Drink or Disaster 5/2018
  • California State Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics – A Drink or Disaster 5/2018
  • Vegetarian Nutrition/Dietitians in Integrative and Functional Medicine dietetic practice groups – Social Media Survival Course for Dietitians Webinar 12/2017
  • Greater Seattle Dietetic Association – Building a Social Media Presence for Dietitians 11/2017
  • North Sound Dietetic Association – Controversies in Integrative Cancer Treatment 6/2017
  • University of Washington – Nutrigenomics as the Future of Nutrition 1/2017
  • Women’s Health DPG– Weight Management in Breast Cancer Webinar 6/2016

Health and Nutrition Writing

I author print and online articles on a variety of nutrition, fitness and health-related topics and am available to discuss opportunities with your blog, magazine, newsletter, or website. Please contact me to see how I can contribute to your organization.


Champagne Nutrition is booked with interns for the 2019 year. Please contact me in the future if interested in working together.

Fees: Please send any questions or comments about pricing to Champagne Nutrition via the contact form below. I do not accept insurance at this time.

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