The One Thing You Must Do If You Want to Travel

There is one thing anyone that wants to travel needs to do and it isn’t hard at all. You can’t travel without it and you have to achieve it in order to get out of your city, state or country.

Most people state travel as a major goal or value in their lives but how many people actually make it a reality? Americans have less vacation time than other counties and yet unused vacation time is at a 40-year high, at an estimated 77% time actually used. Americans travel a lot within the country, and there’s a lot to see, but they don’t leave the country as much – only 1 in 5 Americans travel abroad per recent year. The US Travel Association has a campaign going called Project Time Off and states time away from work strengthens family bonds and improves personal health and well-being.

Listen: you’ll never have enough money. You’ll never have enough time. If you want to travel you have to make it happen and the first step is picking a place and making a commitment because time slips away so fast.  Maybe you have always wanted to go to Europe. Great – pick a spot and start looking at tickets. Sign up for a tour, book a hotel, invite an old friend, hop in the car. See my post about Which US City you should visit this year for more ideas.

The One Thing You Must Do If You Want to Travel is to buy a ticket. That’s it! Let the commitment push you towards your dreams.

The One Thing You Must Do If You Want to Travel

I recently booked a trip to Nicaragua and this is how it went: a friend emailed several other friends that someone she knows is launching a new adventure retreat in San Juan Del Sur and would we like to go? It was about 10 months in the future and there was a deposit that needed to be put down. I said yes, logged onto the site and paid the deposit. Next I will start saving for the flight and book that. Then I will save for the rest of the fee to go and by the time the opportunity arises, it will be paid for and I will get on the plane. But I never would have gone if I didn’t make the initial commitment. The same thing is true for a trip closer to home. Is there somewhere in your state you have always wanted to go camping? Reserve a spot. Need to visit your grandma in Florida? Give her a call and pick a date. Never been to Maine? Get on Cheap Tickets, Expedia, Travelocity or whichever else you like and book the trip.

A friend recently told me about Kayak Explore where you can search anywhere in the world and it posts the cheapest tickets. If you need ideas, check out articles like 20 cities you must visit in your 20’s, World’s Top 25 World Destinations, Best Places to Travel in 2019. The possibilities are endless….where will you go next?


The journey, not the arrival, matters.” T.S. Eliot



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