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Healthy Blackberry Oat Crisp

Blackberries hang heavy from their thorny vines here in the Pacific Northwest during the late summer months….

dark blackberries and a golden oat topping in a glass dish

Anti-Inflammatory Diet Meal Prep

Do you ever wish that you could have an outline of how to follow an anti-inflammatory diet…

A meal prep book with a white and blue cover full of healthy food

Melon Infused Water

Most of my clients have a goal to drink more water for so many reasons. Some work…

A large, glass pitcher and glass filled with ice and golden cantaloupe

80 Healthy Smoothie Recipes

You need new smoothie ideas right now – I can just feel it – and so I’ve…

An array of colorful, beautiful smoothies in glasses with lavish garnishes

Yogurt Dill Sauce

I have a food obsession: fare from the Middle East. Bring on the hummus, falafel, fresh flatbread,…

A glass bowl of creamy, white sauce with cucumber and dill

Easy Black Bean Brownies

Are you a corner-piece person or a middle-piece person? I stumbled upon a debate about this on…

perfectly baked brownies with a strawberry and powdered sugar on top

Ginger Hultin,


How I Blog

I create simple, quick and easy, plant-based recipes that you can make at home. You'll find a lot of healthy cocktails and mocktails on the page as well as simple breakfasts, snacks and main dishes you can meal prep to enjoy throughout the week. The recipes here really support the work I do with my clients; making their lives easier and more delicious. 

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