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Christmas Tree Pine Cordial Cocktail

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, you’re going to want to try out this really special Christmas…

a lightly golden colored cocktail garnished with pine in a gold-rimmed glass

Pomegranate Chia Pudding with Amaretto Aquafaba Whip

Butter. Cream. Chocolate. Buttermilk. Cream cheese…..desserts are amazing and an important part of the joy of eating…

vibrant, crimson pomegranate arils on top of creamy chia seed pudding in mini mason jars

Chocolate Cake in a Sugar Pumpkin with Scotch-Infused Whip

I saw a chocolate cake made in an actual pumpkin featured in a Food Network magazine and…

A chocolate cake baked in a pumpkin cooling on a rack

Easy Grapefruit Vinaigrette Dressing

If you’ve ever felt frustrated at the grocery store, looking at the sea of dressings and reading…

Why Pumpkin Spice is so Popular

Starbucks made headlines again this summer when it released its famous “PSL” (pumpkin spice latte) on August…

Lillet Cocktail with Seltzer

Do you need a light little cocktail that’s not too boozy? I definitely did on the day…

A clear, golden cocktail in a wine glass over ice with a lime and basil garnish

Ginger Hultin,


How I Blog

I create simple, quick and easy, plant-based recipes that you can make at home. You'll find a lot of healthy cocktails and mocktails on the page as well as simple breakfasts, snacks and main dishes you can meal prep to enjoy throughout the week. The recipes here really support the work I do with my clients; making their lives easier and more delicious. 

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