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Taco Mania: Playa del Carmen Mexico

IMG_4844I’m a huge fan of destination weddings because you get a vacation in addition to watching your friends get married and I also get to go places I may not have chosen myself. I recently went to Playa del Carmen in Riviera Maya (think fly into Cancun which is pretty much directly south of Chicago, even in the same time zone!) to see wonderful friends Miranda and Nicole tie the knot. Making a trip out of it to explore the local cuisine, I stayed for five days and it was a blast! Read on for some of the highlights of the trip and to learn about the must-visit stops when you visit the Northeast Yucatan Peninsula.

When I travel somewhere I really just want to eat local cuisine only – the entire time. Playa was a little hard because there are a lot of tourists from around the world visiting and it is also a area with a lot of Italian expats so you’ll find plenty of options for ice cream, pasta/pizza, hamburgers, etc instead of Mexican cuisine. That being said, we found some gems and got some off-the-beaten track tacos. We also had no problem with tacosstomach sicknesses at all the entire time. We had some very mediocre food but we also had some nice experiences. The price of going out is pretty similar to being in the States but you can’t beat the 100% sunny 85 degree days and grabbing a Tecate on the beach whenever you want. There is a large supermarket in town, Mega, where you can pick up some staples if needed for wherever you are staying.

My Taco Trip in Playa del Carmen

tacos 2Tacos: Our favorite spot turned out to be Los Aguachiles because of the authentic tacos and great service. It is always crowded with Mexican families and has a very casual atmosphere. It is basically an outdoor restaurant with a roof so try to sit next to one of their many ceiling fans.  We got the order down to a science after visiting a few times: steamed fish taco and grilled shrimp and black beans taco. Corn tortillas. The best part was all the sauces; on each table, you get mango, soya, very hot oil, cilantro, chipotle, and jalapeno sauces. The server says “very hot oil” with a little smirk and he is right – it brings some heat so use sparingly at first.

When I travel somewhere I really just want to eat local cuisine only - the entire time. Click To Tweet

 Breakfast: we went to Imprevist for breakfast several times. One block off the beach, you can get a more traditional American breakfast like pancakes and omelets or you can also get a Mexican breakfast. Each service starts with coffee or tea, fresh juice, a beautiful fruit plate with granola and yogurt, pastries with jam, and then you order whatever else you want. I highly suggest the burrito or mole enchiladas.

 IMG_4818Mayan Ruins: the wedding we attended wasn’t on the beach like many others we saw while visiting, it was at Xcaret archeological park where we got to experience the ceremony on the rocky coastline looking out at the open ocean followed by a walk through the jungle and the reception in a cavern. I would say one of the most unique and memorable weddings of all time and I would love to go back and see Xcaret in the daylight as well as at night.

Want to travel? Be sure to attend any destination wedding you get invited to! Otherwise, see my post here to learn the One Thing you MUST do in order to travel. And sign up for my newsletter to get more travel tips! 


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