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Lillet Cocktail with Seltzer

Do you need a light little cocktail that’s not too boozy? I definitely did on the day of wine club because let’s be honest; adding a cocktail to wine night is asking for trouble. I wanted an aperitif that would fit in with our gathering but not leave my guests feeling tipsy that early on in the evening. Enter my Lillet Cocktail with Seltzer and if you’re not familiar with Lillet yet, you’re in for a wonderful treat.

I’ll tell you what I was really after the night that I created the Lillet Cocktail with Seltzer….I was actually after a Vesper. Have you heard of this James Bond martini? It’s kind of insane….gin and vodka served up with a splash of lillet and a twist of lemon. That’s right: gin AND vodka. Wow. That was not going to happen at wine club because liquor and wine don’t mix.

Instead, I went with sweet little Lillet which is similar to vermouth in some ways – it’s French and it’s  “aromatized wine” commonly used as an aperitif. I was drawn to it because it’s in the wine category. It’s also quite sweet and you’ll just use a little of it in a cocktail. Like others in its category, a little goes a long way. At 17% “ABV” (alcohol by volume), it’s not like a true spirit (the vodka and gin situation) but it’s much higher than wine which is usually in the 10-12% range.

There are three types of Lillet and al of them taste like bright honey with some citrus and floral in there. It’s definitely sweet which is why it’s good to mix with seltzer or soda and/or spirits like gin or vodka. We used Lillet Blanc which I liked for the light, clear color. Lillet Blanc was originally called Kina Lillet and is made from white grapes. Rouge is obviously made from red grapes and then Rosé is quite new compared to its 1872 heritage. Rosé continues to be such a hot trend and so there’s a rosé Lillet to match made from a blend of the blanc and rouge grapes. And if you love rosé like I do, make sure to check out my 3-ingredient frosé that you can make at home!

A clear, golden cocktail in a wine glass over ice with a lime and basil garnish

Seltzer Cocktails

I’ve been getting interviewed a lot lately about seltzer water. The flavored kinds are incredibly popular as are the canned varieties with the alcohol already in it. To be clear, you want the regular kind and not the kind with alcohol in it because then you’ll have a very strong drink and probably some strange flavor combos.

A couple of my favorite interviews about soda and seltzer are this Experience Life piece about whether or not carbonated water is dehydrating (no it’s not), and this MyFitnessPal blog post about if it’s ok to drink sparking water daily (yes, it is).

I actually make cocktails with seltzer all the time so be sure to check out my Sparkling Water Southern Comfort Cocktail and my Sparkling Plum Basil Cocktail if you’re into these like I am.

A clear, golden cocktail in a wine glass over ice with a lime and basil garnish

Making the Lillet Cocktail with Seltzer

The best thing about this drink is that it’s incredibly simple to make and serve. It’s perfect for a party of two (or one – definitely) but also for larger gatherings. It’s an impressive cocktail that seems fancy but that you can make in just a minute while chatting with guests. There are some considerations with shaking, serving and garnish so I want to walk you through that here.

The Shaker

You could have a fancy shaker….or you could use something else. Don’t feel like you need all the perfect bar equipment because you don’t. I honestly use a water bottle with a secure lid most of the time anyway and it works perfectly well. The secret ingredient here really is the ice because you want to shake it really hard to get that frothiness when you pour it into the glass. The ones I’m holding in these pictures had settled down already but I do love a good froth on a fresh drink.

The Lillet

Like I discussed above, there are three types of Lillet but this one is meant to be made with the classic Blanc. If you want to use a different kind then go right ahead! It will just be a darker color which could be beautiful for a holiday party. Each type has a similar flavor profile so you really can’t go wrong.

The Seltzer

When making this drink, make sure that you get a plain variety rather than flavored unless you really want it. The flavor of Lillet is very light so it could get overpowered and hidden by a flavored seltzer. If you do want to try a flavor, consider lime or lemon.

Do not make the mistake of getting tonic instead of soda/seltzer because it has a very strong flavor that may not suit your taste. However, if you love tonic, go right ahead and see how you find it combined with Lillet. I know a lot of people really enjoy that cocktail. It will be a little higher in calories because tonic has calories like cola while regular, plain soda and seltzer do not.

The Garnish

I love a little spritz of fresh lime and lemon would work very well, too. A fresh leaf of basil adds such a nice little herbal note that really complements the Lillet but if you don’t have that, you could also do a sprig of thyme or rosemary. Mint is an option, too, but it’s a stronger flavor that again, could overpower the subtle Lillet notes. I love a good garnish but if you don’t have any on hand, just enjoy the drink on ice and it will still be wonderful.

If you try this one, leave me a message about how it turned out!

A clear, golden cocktail in a wine glass over ice with a lime and basil garnish

Lillet Cocktail with Seltzer

A fresh, bright, and light cocktail featuring honey-sweet Lillet
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Course: Beverage, cocktail
Cuisine: Americana, French
Keyword: classic cocktail, cocktail, easy cocktail, healthy cocktail, lillet, lilletblanc, lilletcocktail
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Servings: 2 people
Author: Ginger Hultin


  • Shaker


  • 3 cups ice cubes divided
  • 2 ounces Lillet Blanc can also use rose or rouge if desired
  • 6 ounces seltzer water divided
  • 1 small lime, sliced for garnish
  • 2 medium basil leaves can also use thyme or rosemary


  • Place 2 cups of ice cubes in a large shaker. Pour in the Lillet and hald the seltzer water and shake it well until it's frothy (about 30 seconds). Fill two wine glasses with the remaining ice, split, then strain the liquid into the glasses and garnish them both with a slice of lime and a sprig of basil.


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