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Vegan Mushroom Tacos

Did you know that, though we widely use the phrase ‘Taco Tuesday’ that a restaurant in Wyoming…

Vegan Mushroom Tacos

Simple Spiced Lentils | Meatless Monday Feature

Lentils – so delicious, yet undervalued. When I ask clients if they like lentils, they always respond Yes!…

How to Get into Running and Local Fun Runs

Let me start out by saying I am not a runner. Getting outside to run in Seattle…

Firecracker Garlic Sauce

When you’ve got a busy week, you need a simple sauce that goes on everything. Well, that’s…

firecracker garlic sauce on tofu

The Sauce that goes on EVERYTHING: guest post by Olivia Wagner

I am so lucky to introduce guest blogger and passionate fellow vegetarian dietitian, Olivia Wagner of Chicago….

Savory Veggie Quesadilla

I’m in some serious need for lunches I can take to work (or whip up quickly if…


Ginger Hultin,


How I Blog

I create simple, quick and easy, plant-based recipes that you can make at home. You'll find a lot of healthy cocktails and mocktails on the page as well as simple breakfasts, snacks and main dishes you can meal prep to enjoy throughout the week. The recipes here really support the work I do with my clients; making their lives easier and more delicious. 

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