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Spiced Apple Cider Bourbon Punch

I’ve been wanting to make a cider punch for the holidays but I didn’t want an entire...

Spiced Apple Cider Bourbon Punch

No Noodle Vegetarian Eggplant Lasagna with Quinoa and Spinach

It’s comfort food season in the Pacific Northwest, there’s no doubt about that. We plunged from the...

Vegetarian Eggplant Lasagna

I did Orangetheory for a Year and This is What Happened

I recently wrote about my year doing CrossFit and since that year was followed up with a year...

I did Orange Theory for a year and this is what happened

Healthy Vegetarian Sheet Pan Nachos

My schedule is even more packed than ever this autumn…I’m traveling to conferences, giving talks (gulp!), headed...

Healthy Vegetarian Sheet Pan Nachos

I Did CrossFit for a Year and This is What Happened

CrossFit – what a polarizing workout. People adopt it as the equivalent of their family structure, becoming...

I Did CrossFit for a Year and This is What Happened

Peach Melba Toast with Thyme and Honey

If you’re on Instagram or if you eat out…ever, anywhere you’ll be aware of the fancy toast...


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