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Ginger Hultin, MS, RDN, CSO

Seattle's leading nutrition expert 

Your integrative, clinical nutrition expert has arrived!

I'll help you feel more grounded in your health and nutrition plan

Are you frustrated about nutrition?

Find yourself getting conflicting advice and trying restrictive diets that don't work?           

Do you feel like you just need a plan for YOU?

I'm here to provide facts and guidance to help you feel more grounded and in control.

I'm your personal nutritionist; I treat each person as a unique individual with an emphasis on fun and the pleasure of eating.

I'll just tell it like it is, you can trust that. 

Contact me for...


Expert interviews, creative food demos, and fun, interactive presentations. Audiences love my engaging lectures and give feedback about my dynamic style. Specialty topics include:  plant-based vegetarian/vegan diets, low-carb/ketogenic, alcohol, nutrigenomics, oncology nutrition, media and professional development.


Make learning about nutrition and changing your life fun! I waste no time in quickly helping each client work through their unique challenges to gain the skills and confidence to make permanent changes. Improve your health and happiness with my virtual session packages for ultimate flexibility. Reach out directly by clicking the button below. 


Reach out for: research-style scientific writing, consumer-facing nutrition education, textbooks, magazines, recipe development, blogs, ghost writing, and nutrition and health content. I'm an experienced writer who is easy to work with, professional, and always evidence-based. Contact me if you need a professional subject matter expert for your publication. 


Are you looking to better understand your own unique DNA and how it may be influencing your health?

Learn about your metabolism, nutritional needs, ideal dietary pattern and what exercise will provide the most advantage toward your health goals with this simple DNA test and full dietitian-approved in-depth assessment and guidance. 

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